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Pre-Launch Inspection…

Norm told me Leo was looking for the valve cap off our trailer spare tire that I was on the ground filling. I said “He won’t find it in my ear!”
As we started our preparations to leave Oklahoma for Arizona, Leo was a big help. We have been squatting (my name for being in one spot too long) here at the Council Road RV park for almost a year. Norm would stay longer, but I am not going to spend another winter here in Oklahoma. Although we are planning to return here for the Thanksgiving holiday. There are so many little things that need to get checked and changed from the truck to the fifth wheel. Our 2006 Chevy has given me two flat tires due to faulty valve stems, so I had the other two changed and the tires rotated and balanced. I have a thru the bed fifth wheel hitch that I put back in the bed of the truck, much to Leo’s dislike as now he has less room to play back there. We are going to weigh our fifth wheel for the first time. When we first started out we had space everywhere, now a lot of that is gone and I want to make sure we are under the max gross weight. The truck stop across the street will hook us up on Monday. Norm and I have a side bet as to who will be right. I think we might be a little over gross, she says under. I removed our auxiliary fan from the fridge compartment, charged our walkie-talkies (Norm will be driving the model T) and I’ll sweep all three slides and roof Monday morning just prior to launch.


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  1. Hope the trip is going well.

    October 21, 2008 at 4:04 pm

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