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Kettle bells…

Someone once said, “Those who do not find time to exercise will have to find time for illness.” Before starting any exercise program, one should study the movements, so Leo put on Pappy’s reading glasses and boned up on KB moves.

The second thing one must do is get in the mood by dressing correctly. If you are not a buff dude like Leo here, at least you can look like one.

At last, it is time to hoist some iron. This is the basic outfit needed to complete a KB workout. No fancy athletic clothes, just a basic do-rag and since working out at home, undies will suffice.

I know I have talked about these before, but they are the best exercise equipment money can buy. From Russia with love, kettle bells will do it all, muscle, aerobic, core strength. Just make sure you get proper training or at least a video to follow. The movements can be hazardous to your health if not executed correctly. Check out the best place for anything and everything about KB’s at dragondoor.com, Comrades.

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