We travel, work for the Lord, and try to have as much fun as possible…

Merle and me…

This is Merle and me working on another project for someone in need. Merle is a master builder and craftsman that has built commercial structures and church’s all around Arizona and the southwest. Watching Merle cut boards, and operate all the equipment that is housed in his work trailer is just magic! Norm likes working with Merle, because unlike other guys she works with (me), Merle allows her to observe once and then expects her to perform the task. People ask me when I am with Merle if I am a ‘Handyman?’ My answer is always the same, “No, I just carry all the heavy things, do what Merle tells me to do, and remind him to eat a snack.”

Merle , Norm and I installed this new entry door complete with the window from the old door that Merle cut in.

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