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I said I would do what???

Have you ever said something a while back and then kind of forgot about it or thought that since no one took you up on your offer, it was probably for the best because if you did do it, you would stink it up? Well this happened to me a few weeks ago. Norm and I were sitting around, enjoying a fruit snack after dinner, when my phone rang. It was Mike, our praise band leader from church, reminding me of my long ago, ill-fated offer to play drums for the band, if needed. I said that, really? After mumbling, uh, sure and hanging up, I told Norm. She started counting the days from the last time I played. After finishing falling off her chair, uncontrollable seizure like laughter, tears running down her face, the math began. It has been 35 days, no, 35 months, no, I got it, 35 years since you last played! And, of course, never on electric drums. I said, I have to practice! A lot! So after about 5 hours total of solo, embarrassing practice, 2 short actual practice sessions with the praise team, I played, or something like it. Most people said I did good, but only after believing I was on the verge of tears. Now I am a member of the First Southern Baptist Church praise band and the number 4 drummer. Wow! Remember kids, never say never.

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  1. Cool…I am sure the noise you made was joyful!

    October 3, 2010 at 3:56 am

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