We travel, work for the Lord, and try to have as much fun as possible…

Good Times at the Enduro-Cross race….

Truthfully, I thought this would be a lame night of racing and I am not a huge fan of this type of event. I am glad that I was all wrong, because the three of us had a blast. When the motors were not revving, we could hear the cows and horses that were just outside next to the arena. Paul was busy all night racing up and down throwing his yellow flag around like a third world police officer working a busy traffic intersection. Leo probably spent 80% of his evening playing in the dirt, he could not get enough of the pooh riddled terrain. His socks went from white to brown, and at least once I had to help him pour dirt out of his sneakers. I spent most of the night keeping him safe from flying bikes and quads. We were so close to the track that I felt nervous, constantly monitoring his position. Like I wrote, good times. 


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