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Troubling times….Rambling Thoughts…

I have been pondering these issues for some time now and thought I would write about it. Norm and I have been observing photos posted on social media sites, the dressing of some of the younger women in our own fellowship, our recent week spent at youth camp, and our visit to a local church in Edmond Oklahoma. Just this morning we read an article posting of the same subject on crosswalk.com regarding cleavage in church. We posted it to our FB site. At youth camp we explained and asked our girls to not dress inappropriately and they complied. But, they were also quick to point out the mega amount of girls that did not. We did not need the girls to show us what we could see for ourselves. I attended the morning briefing for all of our leaders every morning along with leaders from 21 other church’s. On day two, the camp leader said, “Dress code! Do I need to say more?” At which I replied firmly, “Yes, you do!” None of our adult leaders liked the fact that we had to point out the obvious to other church’s kids. After years of attending camp, the problem is getting worse, not better.

At church service this past Sunday, probably a couple thousand (?) in the service we attended. I mentioned to Norm, if I took a photo of some of the outfits that ladies wore and showed them around, and asked where do you think these were taken, I’m thinking church would not be on the short list. A lot of the men seem to have the opposite attitude. Making a minimal effort to dress at all. I have a theory that this is a road that Christians (?) have been travelling down for quite a while. The Bible no longer holds a special place in our hearts or our homes. We no longer have a reverence for God inwardly and it shows with our dress and our attitudes outwardly. Worship is also in question. Loud music, light shows, songs that are hard for older generations to sing. Our worship service yesterday was very much like the week at youth camp, loud, lights, and a Gospel message. I have no idea if this kind of service is honoring God. It seems that lots of professions of Faith are made, I wonder how many of those new believers go on to serve the Lord? I also ponder the thought of youth camps (lights, loud) services (called Worship) are the reason the college age kids leave the church. I know our service cannot compete with camp (lights and loud).

Just some rambling thoughts, and lots of pondering…


Sunday service…

zona 2016

Youth camp…


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  1. Yep. I only attended a “church” once while home (Driscoll’s travesty) and while they had no music the dress was as you describe.

    July 26, 2016 at 12:05 pm

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